Monday, March 27, 2006

In Winterthur Again


I am in Winterthur again, perhaps for a longer term this time.

Arrived yesterday afternoon, I had to face a little problem due to a incorrect (possibly) train suggestion from an official at the office (train office). Carrying about 40Kg of luggage, I was made to switch trains in between a trip that normally takes about 15 minutes. Poor me.. Used all my energy in carrying that load of luggage from platform x to enquiry and then to platform y.

Other than that, life is good. Here, things are much better in terms of weather this time. Its pretty sunny, and not COLD at all. Its very much like Feb/March of Delhi/India, where you can roam around in a shirt and a simple sweater if you wish to have one.

Joined office, still to get in the mould though. Still managing infrastucture stuff in and around the place. Currently staying with a friend, but plan to rent an apartment myself. With a view to bring family along.

Well, let's see how it goes.