Saturday, May 28, 2011

...And, he goes to school now :)

Well, we might not realize how time flies, but it does.  As if it was yesterday, the kid was born, and we were happy about the addition to the family..   Now, already he's onto his first day at play school and I feel like, Oh my god, he's already 2.5 yrs. :)

But, thats what it is, we've chosen KidZee as his first school, and I think they are one of the better ones.

Before choosing a school for him, we did quite a bit of research, spoke to friends, read reviews about the schools here and there and what not.  At the end, the things that mattered most to us were -

1. The space available in the school - obviously, should be ample, a cramped 2-3 bhk apartment/home cant serve as a play school. The playground should actually be a playground, not some sacks of sand on a 4x4 area serving as the playground
2. No of kids in total at a given point of time - some schools have sections A,B,C,D.... effectively crowdingthe place so much that its an effort to be there, let alone enjoy the place
3. The ratio, that is how many kids per teacher - some schools have upto 30+ kids handled per teacher. At this tender age this is nearly an horror story for a single person to take care of so many.  Kids need individual attention, so, lower the number of kids per teacher, the better.
4. And, the location - We had to reject one of the schools just because they were so close to a large road.  The noise and pollution from the road would come in all the time, it would be counter productive to send the kid to such a place.

Of course other subjective things are there anyway, like the repute of the school, the reviews from friends, sometimes internet reviews also help (mostly negative things)

Well, the chosen one fit on all of the favourable things in the optimum ratio.  Lets see how it goes...

Some of the snaps at the place -