Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Invite for the weekend of 6&7th Feb

We request the honour of your presence on the auspicious occasion of

  Ekadashi Udyaapan
ceremony of our parents

Mr. Ramesh Chandra Sharma
Late Mrs. Shakuntala Sharma

I would also like to take this opportunity to
extend the invitation on their behalf for the

Kuaan Poojan

ceremony of their grandson

(Son of Raghvendra and Pooja)

12/A, Sector B,
Govind Nagar, Mathura

as per the following programme : 

Ekadashi Falaahar    6-Feb-2009    12:00 pm
Kuaan Poojan          7-Feb-2009     4:00 pm
Dinner                   7-Feb-2009     7:00 pm
Devi Jaagran           7-Feb-2009    11:00 pm
Sharing happiness with you
Raghvendra and Pooja

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free Adobe Flex Video Training

Just found about it...

not been through it yet, but it looks pretty good, combination of pdf ebooks, audio/video stuff and all that...

Another one from 20th Dec...

20th dec

After a long time...

Here he is on 19th dec...
and yes, its a long time, if I dont post photos for a newborn baby for a month or so...
Apologies for posting late and with a delay, but he and job are keeping me quite busy... :)

Will try to post more and frequently...

Friday, January 2, 2009

More Free ebooks on Oracle - Unix - Linux

Find free to download ebooks on this site -

Changing System name in Ubuntu

When I installed Ubuntu for the first time, I named my system to reflect the os name (gutsy) and the architecture (64 bit). However, whenever there were system upgrades, the name got irrelevant. For example, when I upgraded to Hardy, the name still remained stuck to the last version of OS.

Therefore, I now thought of renaming my system to separate it from the os versions. This is so very simple to achieve in Ubuntu -

just edit the file /etc/hostname (owned by root, therefore use sudo). Put in the new name, and restart the system.

However, the consequences of this name change will have to be reflected across the network (if you have one). Hostname files on all other systems or dns entries will have to be updated to reflect the new system name.