Monday, January 25, 2010

Fever again...

Well, there must be something terribly wrong. Or else, how would one explain a 1 year old to have about six episodes of fever/cough/cold within a span of less than three months. I dont get it, especially when the doctors tell me that its normal. Well, from where I come, its not normal at all, probably its normal for Bangalore.

The city doesnt seem to suit me as much as I wanted and hoped for. We were greeted in the new city not only by nice weather, but also by fever to the young one, in first week of november 2009. Strange as it may sound, till today, he has had fever about 6 times, almost all the time accompanied by cold and cough. Sometimes, fever high enough that we had to rush to an emergency to handle it.

Somebody was saying its the weather of the place that allows germs and what not to grow faster. Spoke to a few neighbours in the apartment complex, and there were similar reactions. Almost everyone has similar situation, especially with their kids.

One family in particular mentioned that their kid was down with cold and wheezing like symptoms for over a month and its not going away at all. :( Really sad.

For me, the worrying part is that the doctors take it so easily. We normally take ours to Manipal Hospital. A close by and renowned hospital. In the OPD we have visited three different doctors and all of them tell me the same thing each time I visit them with feverish kid in my arms, "Oh, its normal for this weather. Kids do get some cold and cough now and then". How can someone take fever to a small kid so lightly...

Perhaps I am being naive, or inexperience is making me think all this, but one thing for sure, there is something funny about the whole thing. I dont think, its normal at all to have fever almost every weekend.

Still worried...

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