Thursday, January 3, 2013

Finding Informatica domain name

Recently I came across a situation where the customer people had provided us with informatica server hostname, but not the domain name, nor the port for domain.

In such a case, we lost quite some time figuring out how to go through the domain configuration. That's when I started thinking about the alternates for finding the domain name information from the system (assuming different access levels)

If the repository database access is available, i.e. you can access the informatica repository database, you can use the following query to get the domain name out.

select pos_name

 This sql will need to be run in the schema where the domain repository has been created.

On another approach, if the database access is not there, and the informatica server access is available, another file, domains.infa in the $PM_HOME equivalent directory will be able to provide information on domain name/port etc..

About the port

Though the installations process allows customization of the ports for domain, many installations keep the default as is.  In any case, a simple telnet to the host on the suspicious port will confirm whether the port is open or not.

In my example situation, it turned out to be the default 6005.

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