Sunday, February 2, 2014

Proud - Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop

I have not been a believer of certifications, that should be clear from the fact that even though I have been working with Informatica since 2002, I never tried their certification till 2011. And, same about Oracle, whose exam I have not yet attempted/planned/thought over. I used to think that the knowledge level will prevail anyway, whether or not an authority stamps on it.

However, I believe, I am changing, to a certain extent so to say.  It seems that I have come to accept the certifications' worth, and therefore, after the training provided by Cloudera, I picked up the opportunity and went through with the rigor of examination.

Fortunately, I came through.  And, as much as I try not to showcase it, its a great feeling.  Somehow, the knowledge is vindicated, that yes, this guy knows something about hadoop and you better listen to him, :) . Funny that one has to put a badge out there to be heard.

Well, all said and done, the certification is done, courtesy the employer, who sponsored the training and of course the examination coupon that came along.  I would like to thank our trainer from cloudera, Amandeep Khurana for his depth and breadth around all things hadoop.  As much as I knew about hadoop before going in the training, those 2.5 days added precious layers to my knowledge.  Thanks Amandeep.

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