Monday, March 30, 2015

Kaka's imagination - his first story

Vinayak, my year old has started weaving his own stories.  Here is one, probably the first documented one.  Its his imagination, his narration, i have just been a scribe, verbatim - its all his his words, as written on a sheet of paper 

ones upon a time there was a Lion called Don. He was the baddest King in the forest. He ate everyone in the forest.  Then a empire had a rule.  He said to Don that whenever  He saw somebody He will say to him that he will eat Him the next week.
Everybody was happy.  they cheered. Soon somebody was going his home the week had begin
One clever rabbit had an idea. He had 4 friends.  one was the crocodile called Likey, an elephant called Wes, and a tiger called lotty  and shonny the deer. they made an idea to make the lion a good lion.

the plan was that the rabbit came to behave as dead first but he said to the lion to close his eyes. Then the elephant will come to squash his neck with his trunk. then the crocodile will come to eat this legs. then when the lion would open his eyes the tiger right away jumped on his tummy and would not let him see them.  then the tiger will become good so that forest can be saved.

when his idea worked the Lion said sorry to everyone. 

============= the end ===================

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