Thursday, May 8, 2008

vmware 2 beta on hardy

I installed vmware 2 beta on my hardy. It was a surprise and a pleasant one at that, the installation procedure did not require any tweaks at all. It worked out of the box.

Further, when I tried to connect to the web based management interface, I encountered my first problem. vmware requires a log-in with root user, and as any ubuntu user would tell you, the root user is well-hidden in ubuntu. Almost never used, my knowledge on how to set a password to root user was zero.

Again, communities came to help. This thread on vmware communities helped me through that.

Its a small tip, but none-the-less important. Just run "sudo gnome-terminal" and it would open a root terminal for you. Once there, type "passwd" to change the password for root user and you are done.

now, in the browser, log in to vmware web mgmt interface with user as root, and password you chose for root user.

As a precaution, I gave my normal user admin privileges so that I dont have to login as root all the time.

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