Thursday, May 1, 2008

vmware infrastructure web access on vista...

For those who try to use vmware server on windows vista (unfortunately I am trying these days), the vmware server 2 beta is using tomcat engine to provide web based environment.

The access control is weird to say the least. It doesnt matter if ur user has Administrtor rights on the vista box. You have to have the "Administrator" user and log in as that only. So, you got to make a new user called Administrator and then log in to Vmware Infrastructure Web access.

I found the help on vmware forums. reproducing here for benefit of myself (lest I forget) and others who might come across.

  1. Logon to Vista using your usual account.
  2. Launch the cmd prompt - Make sure you select, 'Run as administrator'
  3. Net user administrator yourFavPassword
  4. Net user administrator /active:yes
  5. Switch User, or logoff
  6. Logon as Administrator Password yourFavPassword
    (Your password may be different!)
And then the VI web access works... :)

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