Friday, February 19, 2010

Discovered BOINC 5 years ago, joined today :)

It was George, a colleague at Axa Tech in Switzerland who first introduced me to this idea. I was thrilled alright, but didnt join right away.

Today I did.

Its a nice feeling, and a feeling of giving back something to science.

I would not go into details how it works and all that. However, I would have to say, for whatever time your laptop/workstation remains idle, you can donate the processing power to a better cause. Absolutely fantastic idea, genuinely noble.

And then, look a the stats, people like me are contributing to the processing power generated to the extent of 4 pFLOPS, as against the fastest supercomputer system at mere 1.79 pFLOPS.

As I said, feels great. :)

I hope to inspire others to join in...

in reference to: BOINC (view on Google Sidewiki)

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