Monday, February 1, 2010

The Doctor's Verdict....

When we visited a doc for the situation, it actually did turn out to be pretty normal. What he said was more like this, "Its pretty normal for a baby of this age. In the weather of Bangalore, the young body is not able to cope up with the changing temperature." I cant really tell you why, but that statement did make lot of sense.

The weather of the city is PERFECT to live in. Its hardly more than 26-27 and its hardly lower than 20. So, that makes a perfect range, but then what ? Well, the temperature changes so many times during the day, that its wierd. You really have to be ready for both extremes from the range.

And with a baby, its harder. You cant always control his actions, what he is doing and what not. When he's playing in water, when he has thrown his socks away and things /temperature and the baby gets cold. The cold eventually turns into fever anyway.

Another thing that came out with doctor's visit was the fact that we were giving him the wrong dosage of the right medicine. For his age and body weight he should have been given 5ml of the syrup, whereas we were giving him only 2.5ml. Once we fixed the dosage, the fever was gone right away. It was such a relief to see him do the things again...

learning curve.. u see.. being a parent is such a huge learning curve.... :)

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