Thursday, May 6, 2010

Working of oil wells..

I personally like such diagrams and explanations. not that an accident is required to fetch such information, but its a fact that such incidents bring about a good reason to explain the technology to us non involved people.

This document explains the handling of stopping of oild wells in cases of temporary abandonment. Its quite interesting to understand it.

Further, this page explains what should have happened against what happened at the deepwater horizon oil well which resulted in death of 11 people and loss of investment on the oil rig, not the forget the huge oil spill in Gulf of Mexico...

Its really unfortunate that such incidents happen, perhaps its a price we humans need to pay to tackle mother nature for resources. More than that, when I was reading a page about this on cnn, i had a feeling of, "Oh God, so much oil would be wasted in the spill, and we are already talking about scarcity of oil resources". From an estimate, more than 5000 barrels of oil is|was spilling from this rig into the sea. I dont know whether the spilling has since stopped or not, but its a huge waste nonetheless.

I hope they can find some way to contain the spill and save the environment from destruction of flora/fauna around the place due to oil spill in the sea. This would also save the precious oil.

I wish I could extract the images and post them here, inline, but there might be copyright issues.. Would lookup on wikimedia later and see if there is some information/photos about it...

Quite informative really...

in reference to: oil-cause-050710.pdf - By Nitro PDF Software (view on Google Sidewiki)

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