Friday, July 23, 2010

Developing a Rails application using an existing database

This is the latest challenge for me. A database exists with real data in there, and I have to develop a rails application around that.

Initially we needed the basic CRUD screens for some tables.  Being lazy (i m really proud of that), I set out finding if there a solution that generates the forms (read views) for the existing tables/models.

I have already managed to generate models/schema.rb using another gem. This is called magic_model.  Read more about that here

Then google helped me find this another gem called scaffold_form_generator which generates the necessary views/forms for a given model.  However, there need to be some improvements required on that (I think).  perhaps I would contribute something (if I find out enough on how to do that)

Well, for the moment, I am struggling with handling of the missing special meaning column from the legacy tables. Will continue writing on this...

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