Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cord blood Banking for the second one...

Well, Technology progresses fast, and expectedly, the cord blood banking technology, and the facilities and benefits linked to that, in addition to the possibilities have improved a lot since our first ones'.  At that time also, we chose the best available option, and went ahead with Cryobanks for banking his cord blood

This time around, after doing some more research, we chose to go with a different vendor, life cell international. They are also a renowned organization, involved with the cord blood banking business for quite some time. 

One of the primary reasons for choosing Lifecell was that we wanted to chose two different organizations handling the banking of our two kids. if something does go wrong with one of them, at least the other one would still have the blood available.

Also, there is a new technology where they grow and do tissue banking for the baby, which can be utilized for the baby and in some cases, siblings, parents etc.  We have opted for that too.

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