Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 3 ...

Day 3 started nicely, no night crying, all slept well.. and woke up rested...

Since it was past 36 hours of birth, there were a few tests due today, and the first order of the day was a blood extraction process, for determining jaundice affliction and other biochemical tests on blood.  Though it was painful to see blood going out of such a tiny body, it was nice to see the excellent way the process was performed. Basically, the whole thing finished in under couple of minutes.. Given the expertise of the nurse attending the child. Good job.

After that, it was the turn of her bath.  I had missed her first bath yesterday, but I wasnt going to miss this one.. So I tagged along, and was again stumped by the efficient way the nurse was performing the bathing.. simply excellent and clean..

Couple of hours later, the blood test reports came out, announcing absense of jaundice.. and the identification of blood group. Nice speed on the part of pathology lab and the staff involved.

Then the "complimentory" photo shoot lady came in and tried to use flash on her while shooting her pics.  I protested, and ensued a bit of a argument/discussion on how to achieve the same effect without flashing baby\s eyes with the blitz of a camera flash...  Eventually, we didnt get the photo shoot done, since the photographer wasnt ready/able to shoot anything without using a flash...  Instead, I clicked plenty of shots of the baby (all without flash, bit higher ISO, and a lower f number setting normally does the trick, ofcourse ambient light helps).

Tomorrow there shall be some other tests, and we'd be taking the baby home for the first time...

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