Wednesday, December 14, 2005

First Time in Switzerland.. Winterthur

I had never been to Switzerland, and never wanted to, without my wife. This time work made me come here.. for two weeks.

Arrived on 11th dec. All alone, though I have travelled all alone before (while living in Brussels), this was a little bit different. And I liked it. The flight exchange.

For the first time, I needed the currency exchange while arriving in a foreigh country. Earlier always got money in the local currency from the travel desk.

Then looking for the train connection from Zurich to Winterthur. The trains here are much similar to those in Belgium or Netherlands. I guess the trains are more or less similar across Europe. whatever of that have I seen, I found most of the places having similar quality. Though Belgian trains had a little display inside the passenger wagon to display which station is arriving next, here they didn't have anything like that.

All in all, an interesting arrival.

The hotel, Wartmann, is actually a nice location. Just besides the train station. To me the town is also very small. But, I have actually seen very little of it anyways.

The hotel rooms in Wartmann are well equipped but are really small in size. Or may be I have the habit of staying in more spacious places. Can't say. I didn't like the room at first, but then the lady at reception was helping enough and allowed me to chnage pretty easily. this time giving me a room with a proper big bathroom. The room has almost every major amenity. And I can't complain. Only thing missing is a big brand name. Something like Shereton, or Oberois or similar. Else the place is good for a person like me. :)

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