Friday, June 29, 2007

Apache Experience on Ubuntu@HP 6710b

Well, I have this feeling that the ubuntu apache package that we receive from the repositories is built a bit differently than the standard build for apache.

I was looking into all sorts of apache configuration files after I installed the ubuntu apache package. (apache2 actually). I wanted to change the document root, and enable/disable some modules...couldnt really succeed.

So, for me, the solution eventually was to download the source from, its a newer version there, and compile it myself. That was pretty easy. And it worked after that. Then I found all the regular file locations, config files etc. that I have always known about apache.

But, there the catch is, the default installation does not seem to provide/setup automatic startup scripts for init.d kind of locations.

I am still after that task. would post as soon as i find the solution/fix it myself...


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