Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oracle Installation on my Ubuntu

Well, downloading Oracle was the easier part... I guess...

I realized I was in trouble when I launched the runinstaller for Oracle the first time. Apparantly, Oracle linux distributions are meant to be used with Redhat Linux only. Then I had to go over to ubuntu forums to seek help.

Not only there, I had to go elsewhere as well, and finally found a page that really helped me fool the Oracle installation into believing that the system is actually a Redhat and not an Ubuntu. :) Funny thing...

I would post the link that helped me.. sure...

Then I could actually install the whole thing... following the fooling around instructions.. and some config settings. :)

Eventually, I managed to install the oracle 10g database. Run some test connections... some test sqls.. using command line.. as well as from Oracle Sql Developer (not a bad tool actually.. huh.. I have to say that since I have always used Toad otherwise).

Then come to blues about configuration. For some reason, oracle installation did not install any nice shortcuts for anything. None for Net Services configuration, for Listener configuration, nothing done for getting the database/listener registered as services.. or to start them up automatically at system boot up. All of that has to be done manually... And I had a hard time realizing that... That there is nothing given for that kind of stuff from Oracle installation. (Having a Windows Oracle Installation experience, this could be tricky..)

Well then, I dont know yet, whether Oracle just dont do it for any linux/unix installation, or it did not do that for mine, since it was being fooled into believing that it was a Redhat installation even though it was actually not.

I'd spend some time doing that myself...

And would come back with more info on to this page.

till then

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