Friday, June 15, 2007

First thoughts on Mac

I already have a 4 year old Dell Inspiron 5100 (p4@2.4GHz, 1.25GB RAM, 40GB HDD). Being a Dell, it has got its own problems. Personally, I wont really complain about the machine, it has served well during the past years.

However, with my new needs coming in for a second laptop (many small reasons), I have to look for a suitable one.

From the background I come from, a new pc/laptop by default means a Windows based one. Recently, Linux has emerged as another choice, but only among technical people who have a flair for experimenting and need the unix like environment for programming. However, Linux has not yet made its mark as the desktop operating system choice . Perhaps upcoming years will add the maturity, to make it usable by an end user.

A colleague at office has been advocating Mac very strongly (he already has one). After looking at the macbook that he has, I was forced to think, Is it not worth it...

Thats when I started looking at the apple website and comparing technical specifications.

At the same time, I posted my dilemma to certain groups at the usenet forums.

Here are the threads...

Post at comp.sys.mac.advocacy

Post at comp.sys.mac.apps

Post at comp.sys.mac.system

Will continue posting more of my experiences...


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