Sunday, July 8, 2007

Surprise of my life

Well.. this one has to be the one...

I bought HP 6710b notebook with a vision of working with Vista and Ubuntu towards my own skill development.

However, when I got the delivery of the notebook, I was probably the happier guy around. This changed soon , with my discovery that this notebook's hardware is newer than the Feisty Fawn distribution. And therefore there have to be tweaks and what not to basically get it working. That too, under loads of restrictions. You cant run Beryl or compiz on this yet. Because, yeah, you thought it right, there are no graphic accelerator drivers for this chipset.

While I am happy on one hand that I have got a really cutting edge technology notebook, I am equally pissed off that the things that I wanted to do with my new notebook cant be started off as I would have wanted....

I am still struggling with installation fo Ubuntu ... thanks to the ubuntu forums, there are some threads which share experiences and solutions .. I am yet to try that out... perhaps tomorrow...

will update..

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