Thursday, April 12, 2012

App vs web browser based access to websites from devices

Every other website these days launches their own app as soon as they find a decent following among customers.  However, there are some things we need to watch out for when using apps as against browsing the same content over a web browser.

A browser is a relatively safe sandbox when it comes to executing website content and rendering it.  There really has to be a loophole in the browser engine for a website to exploit it and do weird things to your device, be it a phone, tablet or laptop/desktop.

On the other hand, when we install "apps" for websites, we provide them "permissions" to do things on our devices. This works nicely based on the trust foundation.  I trust the website, and therefore I trust their app to not do anything untoward to my device.  This trust, can be unfounded in cases, and lead to unknown actions/behaviours from apps.

Among the benefits of using apps, they  do provide a better user experience (in most of the cases) since the rendering is specific to the device.  Also, the apps provide lot more customised user interaction information to their base websites, thereby providing more and accurate and contextual intelligence about their usage. There are reports about apps stealing private information from the devices.

Most of the time, the reason for the app gaining access to information is the grain of the access control used in the device. If its too low, the access permissions to be provided are a huge list, if its too high, you can provide too much access without intending to. There comes the maturity of the device operating system.

With web browsers the information sent back for analytics purposes is rather generic, since its from the browser sandbox.

I believe its safe to say that using apps is a bit of a trade-off, between the user experience and the safety /privacy of the user.  Lets be a bit more careful about which apps do we download and use, and what all permissions that app needs. Lets just be a bit more skeptic and end up being safer for it, hopefully.

PS - There are a lot other comparisons that already exist, however, its hard to say how many of them talk about security aspects. User Experience is one major discussions point, for sure.  Try Googling it

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