Sunday, May 14, 2006

Another weekend..

Another weekend, came and passing by...

Watched 3 movies in span of 20 hrs... Read about 250 pages, skipped three meals, read dumbly Spanish formula 1 race commentary on website (not having TV that was the best option)...

So, that sums up my weekend here... Sunday is turning out to be pretty sunny as against the forecast. Initially I thought that the forecast in smaller countries are better than larger countries due to the difference in sheer geographical area to be covered by the forecasting system. Well, it seems Switzerland has its own reasons to have "not-so-accurate-forcasts". Perhaps being hilly is one.. i don't know.

I have started contributing to wikipedia now. It gives me just another option to while away my time. Today I realized another facet of the global village we are becoming. I updated something at some point in time, and within 5-7 minutes, my entry was not listed in the last 500 updates. That really shows the popularity of the site, in addition to haw many people are contributing to the site... Interesting...

Suddenly I am liking devotional and slow music more than anything. Today morning I repeating a particular "song" about 4-times before switching to another one. Perhaps the softness embedded in the music was attracting me.

I hope she receives her flowers in time. Will love to hear her after she receives the bouquet. :)

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