Tuesday, May 9, 2006

First Time in Switzerland


I have been earlier in Switzerland... although on a two week business trip. A very short very busy and focussed trip.

That trip perhaps laid foundations to my long term assignment here.

Arrived here on 27th March. Wife had to come asap after that.. awaiting only visa...

Then came the bang... i was given an L permit by my employer and the authorities said that on an L permit its not allowed to bring in your spouse.

Busted, redfaced with anger, I approached my management and they realized what they have done.

They agreed to convert it to a B but it took about 5 weeks for my B to come through. After that my wife's processing started. Its supposed to take 4-6 weeks more before she can get her travel documents in her hand. And this is another estimate. really...nothing more than that.

I tried my employer requesting the officialdom to speed up the process. I teid almost every tact, even the threat of quitting if its not done in good time (what that means is still a mystry for myself..). And they have agreed to shoot a fax to the concerned embassy... but.. nothing more than that... lets' see what happens...
I wonder how may have faced same kind of situation.

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