Friday, May 12, 2006

The Swiss Family Visa : Start of an Issue...

Its been frustrating and at times depressing.

Living alone in a distant country just after a few months of your marriage is not the best ideas. Many a folk have said something or other in the disagreeing way, the way i have let down my family life for the sake of job or saving some money.

Well, I have my own reasons. and possibly defendable too. Can't really say. Coming from where I do, money is a very important social tool. As much globally recognized fact as it is, money is close to your best friend when you are out of the circle of warmth of family and friends.

Well, that was the first thing that drove me, but then the charm of living and working in Switzerland was even bigger. Living in THE most beautiful country in the world. WOW. That was my first reaction when I heard about the possibility of the assignment.

On top of all that, none of us imagined that it will take so much for a spouse visa process. Really, there have been some gross mistakes from the employer's side as well. The 'wonderful' never really enquired about the process of family visas and all that. They didn't even know the differece between L and B permit, except the fact that one is unlimited to the conton whereas other has a cap on the number.

That was purely business perspective. Get the guy here, get the billing started and let everything else come second. Inspite of having a 6 year strong relationship with this employer I could not force anything better than the current situation.

At times I feel myself responsible for the situation I have put myself and my family in. Though I know its not entirely my fault, but then what do I gain by pointing at others... What we have been taught in our upbringing is "look at ur own fault first, then point to someone else".

I am close to finishing the "The Pillars of the World" (by Ken Follet), and at times I compare myself to the situation Jack and Aliena had. In Love, married and still forced to live apart. There the villain was the church and one bishop and here its my "great informed" employer and the processing system.

Today, I added another level to my contempt of the officialdom. When I tried to reach the embassy officials in my home country to ask them the status of the situation, the gently female voice told me that the concerned person is not in office today and I should call again on Monday. Well at this speed, perhaps her visa processing can finish by the time I am planning to wind up here.

Going this way, only god can intervene and do something. Well, she is a very religious girl, perhaps someone up there is listening to her prayers and will do something. I am literally at gos's mercy... his will...

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