Friday, November 21, 2008

Banking of Cord Blood for Stem cells...

We decided to put his cord blood stem cells in a stem cell bank for possible future usage.  Generally known as Cord Blood Banking, we found out about this recently (of course before delivery).

In this, they extract stem cells from the blood found in the umbilical cord at the time of birth of the baby.  These stem cells have been found to be able to regenerate almost all human organs, with technological help.

As I write today, researchers claim that about 75 diseases are curable using stem cells. With ongoing research, this number is bound to increase for sure.

From where I see this, its a sort of Biological insurance for the newborn.  Given the medical research progress, this is going to be the single most useful method of treating diseases in future.

We have banked with Cryobanks India, a subsidiary of Cryobanks International.  

They have proved to be pretty professional with their service till now. One of their guys came over for the presentation, the other ones came over to our town (where we were delivering) and collected the blood.  The next day evening I got a phone call telling me about the storage of my baby's blood.

Till now, things have really gone smooth with them, lets hope it goes on like this.

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