Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The third day...

Well, the third day did bring some rather not so nice news after a while.

Like every newborn, this kid has also developed initial symptoms of Jaundice. The result is on the expected lines, some phototherapy. Put the baby in the ultraviolet rays.

When the guy came over for extracting blood for the test, we were all so weary about this. Imagine extracting blood from a two day old baby, who barely has any blood in him anyway. But, the guy did a miraculous job of extracting blood for sample. The baby just didnt cry at all. He put in a needle to get the blood and took out about 2 ml out of him.

The efforts to put him under the phototherapy instrument have gone sour as well. He would stay with anybody, anywhere, but under the instrument. He would start music immediately.

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