Saturday, November 22, 2008

he's home...

Well,  after five days of hospital life, the baby is finally home. And boy, is he happy.. are we all happy to be out of that hospital place... its just so great.

To be home, with the newborn is a wonderful feeling. To have him in the same house where you have grown up, married and then dreamt of having a baby... its all so wonderful.

The decision to get him discharged from the hospital has not been the easiest one.  He still has that physiological jaundice (as wikipedia put it). At home, its much easier to put him in morning sunlight, which is supposed to be the best cure for the jaundice thing.  Now we are doing this, and hopefully this will cure it.  If not, I do plan to take him to the pediatrician and see what more can be done.

However, for the moment, knowing that its a minor thing, the focus is on celerating his homecoming... :)

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