Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fantastic Effort by SaltMarch

Well, i have to say it like that, The one day that I attended at the GIDS - 2010 was amazing. Probably I am reacting like that since its my first such summit, nonetheless the quality of speakers and the content they delivered was top of the ladder.

Amazing truely.

To get people of such caliber at one platform is a job in itself which saltmarch have done to perfection. I chose to be there for .Web day, and the kind of knowledge that was flowing around, technologies being talked about and the manner in which they were addressed, simply great.

We know some things as simple buzzwords, but we ought to realize that the buzzwords actually have lot more behind them. The way Simone (from AWS) put it, "Everybody in the confrerence hall would know what is Cloud computing, but I am sure that when I ask you what is it, you'd all come back with different definitions, and perhaps they are all correct as well". That statement sort of sums up the whole experience, we all know to some extent, or varying degree of perception what something is about, but unless we know it from the source, as they say, from the horse's mouth, its always a bit farther from the real reality.

I like that way the speaker and sessions were compiled, though a few of my favorite sessions were canceled (blame that volcano in Iceland for canceling all the flights), I still enjoyed a lot of it.

Personally me, interested in Ajax, came a lot closure to experimenting with it, and perhaps using it in professional environment as well. Thanks to people at Adobe booth there, I have a chance to try out the Adobe Flex Builder IDE, and check out the potential first hand.

Tomorrow, there is a workshop on php and Flex delivering RIA, and I cant wait to be there :)

However, as is the custom for people like me, to comment and find fault with something or other, after all we are humans, we are bound to make mistakes and other humans are bound to find them and report them publicly, like on this blog... :)

I believe the scheduling of some of the sessions could have been better. For example, I missed out on the PayPal X presentation, because I wanted to attend Marty Hall's session on evaluation of Ajax/JavaScript Libraries too. Now, I'd have to contend only with the video of that presentation, hoping that it would be made available. :)

I like the scheduling of the workshop day a lot better. It gives people like me options to attend sessions diff technologies ...

Looking forward to another exciting day of fun filled experiments that enhance know how...

in reference to: Great Indian Developer Summit :: Conference, Expo, and Awards on Java, .NET, Rich Web :: Saltmarch Media Summits (view on Google Sidewiki)

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