Saturday, April 24, 2010

The workshop day @GIDS 2010 - I - cloud computing using Google App engine

Well, A developer day cant get better than that... And, whatever issues I mentioned regarding scheduling of the summit were gone up in air.

I had the choice to go attend the Cloud Computing/hosting workshop with Mathhew McCullogh. It was based on java, which I dont care about anyway. Not that I have any kind of disrespect for the language, but I strongly think that we ought to think beyond languages.

He perfectly showcased how easy it is to build and host you own web application on the google app engine cloud platform. Its hard to imagine how easy it has become with eclipse plugin for google app engine and web toolkit, to develop an application for the cloud and deploy it. With those tools installed and configured (its surprisingly easy task to do it anyway), its a button click to deploy your application to the cloud.

I am not a big fan of java, or of huge complex configuration files for that matter, but the way this app engine thing is coming pre-configured, it reminds me of ruby on rails. At least to start with. Its surprisingly easy to start developing with GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and Google App Engine.

I tried to replicate what he was doing/showing, and, remember I am no big shots in java, that last professional java work I did was about 8 years back, It was surprisingly easy. Just a few clicks and it was done. I have to say, it was infectious, as if I felt like delving more into java and go back to experimenting with it...

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