Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Web Changing the face of the world : Ramesh

Ramesh, a senior technologist/scientist from Adobe, talked about how and what has web 2.0 done to change the world, especially the way the information is treated/used/processed etc...

Here are some of his points -

Real Time Web

  • kind of content that is coming around
  • no more old docs
  • social networking
  • live collaboration
experiencing the web - how the web is experienced, the way its accessed, used etc.
  • Some tools are coming up in the VR world, which allows
  • augmented reality -> web apps capturing reality and using the inputs
proliferating devices
  • Already more web access from non PC devices
  • More devices are coming through which access web differently
democratization of data
  • Some govts have already started putting their data in public domain.
  • Lots of application development opportunities based on that data.
  • Cloud computing also coming around to provide processing power and applications for the data.
  • ActionScript
  • ECMAScript
  • Flex

Quite interesting talk :) Learned person, Ramesh.

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