Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Library Management System : Ruby on Rails

Well, I want to learn some more of rails and ruby (as much comes along).

And so I thought of building a tiny little web application to build a library management system based on rails and mysql.

The idea is that, it would be a web based application to manage the library from an staff member's point of view. At a later stage, there would be an additional viewpoint from the library visitor, to search for books, request for issue etc...

I also intend to build a page which could be used to issue out or receive books (as a library transaction).

Here is a summary of what I have thought this application would do.. to start with...
  1. Keep stock of books
    1. multiple copies of book allowed
    2. Allow searching for books in library
    3. search on meta tags
      1. Title
      2. description
      3. author
  2. allow books to be issued out.
    1. keep track of date of issue
    2. Expected date of return
  3. Administration
    1. Allow to add books
    2. Rename, replace, add remove copies etc.
  4. Reports
    1. Books overdue on a given date
    2. Members with overdue books
    3. Books that are most probable to go overdue
    4. Members most responsible for overdue books
    5. etc...

Well, thats the very first stage of requirement thinking that has been done.

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