Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thinking of buying a new lens

Canon has already come out with various IS lenses. And so has Sigma and Tamron with their own versions (and naming conventions) for Canon mounts.

Though I love the SLR concept and the possibility of changing a lens to adapt to a given situation, I have this urge to go for a lens which allows me enough range that is good enough for most of the situations.

While I was looking, I found that Sigma has released a 18-200 lens, and Tamron 18-250. Unfortunately (or is it strategic decision) Canon has not released such a lens.

Its already clear from such a zoom range that there would be sacrifices on different levels while trying to achieve that range. The different lens reviews that I found for these two lenses have not been great.

Both these lense lack something or other over the zoom range.

Here are the reviews I found and I am yet to decide whether to go for one of them, or wait for Canon (or someone else) to come up with a better lens in that range.

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