Sunday, March 2, 2008

An interesting day of RoR programming...

Got hands dirty with quite a few things in and around RoR.

Started with building the demo application with projects and tasks.. and as the iterative model says, kept adding to it. By the time I realized, I covered quite a few basic concepts of Rails.

Got stuck at some places, and hence my first experience of RoR IRC chatroom. Lovely thing, and really helpful people. Cant thank enough. It seemed as if someone could learn a few things just by reading the discussions only... :)

And, I hope to make some progress on my LMS project as well.

Here's my collection of useful URLs from today's session.

Useful Links around the web...
  1. Rolling on with Ruby on Rails
  2. Rolling on with Ruby on Rails (Part 2)
  3. On Ruby on Rails dot org
  4. Rails Database Validations-1
  5. Rails DB Validations-2
  6. RESTful Design
  7. Oracle's tutorial on RoR
  8. RoR API Docs
  10. On Drop Down Menus

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