Thursday, March 20, 2008

One of the cutest images...

A friend of mine sent me this photo embedded in a "Good Morning" email. Since I dont know his source of the shot, I cant really credit it the right way. However, hats off to the photographer behind the photograph.

I liked the image so much I couldnt resist writing about it. The whole image carries a vintage look, from the 20-30's of Westerners. The subjects in the shot just add to it, so much.

Look at the expression of the boy's face, looks like he's watching something closely and something nice is about to happen. Its fantastic, absolutely loveable. Looks as if he's on the way to break into one of those kiddish squeak, when they are too happy.

The girl is not a bit lesser cute. She is the personification of innocence, cute little hands clutching shoes, sort of surrendering to the happiness around her...

If I would have shot this image, I would probably not want to change the texture of the shot. Unbelievably cute.

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