Monday, March 17, 2008

Indian Automobile Industry... what happened there...

Suddenly, there is a boom in the auto innovation sector, and I have to say very proudly, its coming from Indian companies.

Few weeks back, Tata announced "Tata Nano", then the cheapest car in the world, and today I hear another Indian auto company is launching a car cheaper than the famous "Tata Nano". Apparently its a small outfit called Tara automobiles, from/around Kolkata in West Bengal, and the car is called "Tara Tiny". Here's a link to the article, I found in my lunch break... Tara Tiny @ Rs 99K is the world's cheapest car!

I wonder, where was all this innovation till a few months back.  For long long time, only news in auto innovation was coming from the bigger western players like Mercedes, GM, Ford, BMW etc.. or from Japan, where the likes of Toyota, Honda were leading.

Suddenly, there is news after news from the Indian manufacturers, and I cant hide my happy surprise. Way to go, guys.
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