Saturday, March 1, 2008

This photo is moving... isnt it ?

Believe me, I didnt plan this shot to come out as it has.

But it has come out really really wonderfully great. We were in a car, moving pretty fast I was enthusiastic about the possibility of shooting through the front windscreen.

The shot looks as though the road is coming over to you, all charged up and crashing...

Love the shot... :)

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  1. Pam said

    It's called motion blur. It happens when the shutter speed is too slow to freeze the movement of the subject. Many times it's used to good effect, as in your shot.

    If you have a zoom lens you could also get this effect by using a slow shutter speed and "zooming" the lens during exposure.

    Yes, you can. Dupe your image, then go to Filter>Blur>Radial blur and choose the "Zoom" option. Use your cursor to move the "Blur center", or the point of zoom origin. You'll have to guess since there isn't a preview option. Experiment with the amount setting.